Where to Fish

Riverside Angling Club members have access to the following banks:

Field west of bypass

Right hand bank (looking downstream) for 1 field between confluence of Sherston and Tetbury Avon and bypass bridge. Access off bypass. Park in farmers field entrance but do not obstruct gates.

Bypass bridge to Cowbridge Weir *New Stretch*

This is a new stretch of river for 2013. Left hand bank for 2 fields starting at the bypass bridge all the way to Cowbridge Weir. Entry for field off bypass past Mr. P. Neales Farm. Entry for bottom field (to Cowbridge Weir) over Cowbridge Weir bridge.

Cowbridge Weir to Swindon Road

The wier itself can be fished. Downstream from the wier, both the mill stream and the main channel can be fished (the mill stream from the left hand bank and the main channel from the right hand bank). The mill stream then meets the mill house, where it turns into a mill pond, then meets up with the main channel shortly after.

The river then continues to the Swindon Road, where it can be fished from the right hand bank.  

Downstream of Swindon Road

As you cross the Swindon road, the river can be fished on the right hand bank (pasture) for one field. The river can also be fished on the left hand bank (arable field - accessed through the field gate next to Willis Brothers Fencing) for 2 fields until you meet a stream.

Please find below a map displaying the extent of fishing rights for Riverside Angling Club. historic fishing rights are represented by green dashed line.

New fishing rights for 2013 are represented by a red dashed line.