Club Rules

Please abide by the following rules when angling within our area. Your consideration for the rules place here by the Riverside Angling club will be hugely appreciated. Please contact us to find out anymore information regarding the angling area or have a look at our map for a a guide on where to fish.

  1. To promote good fellowship amongst all anglers.
  2. Preservation of fish.
  3. No damage to fences. No litter to be left.
  4. All members to exercise their rights as water bailiffs. Anyone fishing will produce a valid Riverside Angling Club Card when asked to do so by any other member who shows his own card.
  5. Fish must not be removed from club waters, except trout over 16 inches long, limit one per day per person.
  6. Each member will hold a valid E.A. Rod Licence for coarse and/or trout. The closed season for coarse fishing is between 14th March and 16th June. The closed season for trout is between 1st October and 1st April.
  7. Trout, grayling and barbel must not be retained in a keep net.
  8. A member is not allowed guests/visitors. (This is to comply with the clubs insurance policy, which does not cover non-members).
  9. The club membership card is not transferable.
  10. No member shall use bank or night lines and during the coarse close season, no maggots, silkweed or cereal baits shall be used. No live baits may be used.
  11. Minimum size of mesh for keep nets shall be observed.
  12. The transfer of fish, dead or alive, from one fishery to another is forbidden, this includes crayfish.
  13. Any member found breaking the club rules, will be reprimanded by the committee and will be liable to expulsion from the club.
  14. Riverside Angling Club will not be held responsible for any damage or loss to property or injury to persons while on club waters.
  15. Vehicles parked at owners risk.
  16. Junior members must be accompanied by an adult/senior member.