Your Catches

Please send photos and details of your catches, old or recent to Daniel Wood, at


Pike Caught by Bob Broadway


Here is a photo (kindly provided by Terry) of a 21lb pike caught by Bob Broadway a while back. What a great fish.

Chub Caught by Dan Wood


Here are two chub caught by myself at the end of February over two consecutive sessions. The chub in the first picture topped the scales at just over 5lb, the second was 3lb, with a large chub also lost at the net. Both caught on bread flake (link-legered). Good to see the river producing such beautiful fish.

Bream Caught by Terry Thomas


This is a photo of a lovely bream caught by Terry Thomas a while back. Who knows, maybe the bream are even bigger now...

Perch caught by Alison


(Photo and story kindly provided by Terry Thomas) When fishing at Cowbridge near the old hatches, Alison my daughter caught this beautiful perch in the Weirpool. It was not weighed, but in my estimation was well over two pounds. I was quite jealous! (Photo enclosed). It is nice to look back at old photographs, this was taken twelve years ago.

Bream and Grayling - A Few Years Ago...


(Photos and story kindly provided by Terry Thomas)  A few years ago, when walking the river downstream of Cowbridge, I reached the first bend, just past the Boulder Dam. I met one of our members from Swindon Brian Lewington. He was fishing the deep bend on the right hand bank - you can see by the river in the background it was running quite fast. He was having a good day, and as you can see from the photos he caught, in the space of one hour, a double-figure Bream and a beautiful Grayling - one of the biggest I have seen caught on our waters. I said I thought you he was lucky.....he said "No - it's skill". T.A. Thomas. Hon. Chairman.

January 2012 - Fish of a Lifetime...


Hi Andy,

Thank you for being so prompt in returning our fishing permits for 2012. You asked to hear of any exceptional catches on our club waters, well i think i have got one for the records. I was at a loose end yesterday, so i decided to have a few hours fishing at Malmesbury.  When i got there, the river was running hard but a good colour. I decided to fish the car park length above the old wooden bridge. I caught a couple of perch and dace then I hit what I thought was the bottom. When it started to bump I knew it was a fish. It just hung in the main current but started to move upstream, which was to my advantage. When i managed to get it to the top i couldn't believe my eyes - it was the largest chub i have ever seen. After I managed to net it, I called to George Hobbs, who was fishing on the point just upstream, and asked him if he had any scales with him and he said yes. He agreed it was a huge chub. He weighed the fish for me and it turned the scales to 7lb 2oz including the landing net frame. I returned the fish straight away and completely forgot to take a picture on my mobile phone, how daft is that, but i went home really happy. Once again, have a good fishing season.

Regards, Brian Lewington.


Perch - July 2010


A pristine perch caught by angler Martin Wood in 2010.